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Best electric cars of USA 2019

Best electric cars of USA

The USA is switching on to electric cars in 2019, slowly but surely: Аmericans bought nearly 60,000 plug-in cars last year and the next 24 months will see battery vehicles enter the mainstream as prices reduce to become more competitive with petrol and diesel cars. Drivers are increasingly looking to ditch fossil fuels, but which one should you buy and is an electric car right for you in the first place?

From the latest Jaguar i-Pace, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S to forthcoming electric SUV rivals the Audi E-tron and Mercedes-Benz EQ C launching this year, electric vehicles (EVs) are proving ever more popular. Sales of electrified cars in the USA rose 21% in 2018 and automotive researchers at Sophus3 concluded that electric cars are now the fourth most searched-for category online. In this handy guide, we talk you through CAR magazine’s pick of the best EVs that you can buy now in 2019, and in the near future.

Don't forget, the USA government has been offering up to $4500 off zero-emissions cars for the past few years via its Plug In Car Grant, making the higher purchase price and showroom costs much more palatable. Subsidies have put more than 167,000 plug-in EVs on the roads since January 2011 up to autumn 2018, but the incentives have now been curtailed - much to the industry's chagrin. Plug-in and hybrid cars no longer qualify for government grants, while the discount for pure EVs has dropped to $3500, and sometimes less. Expect the grants to dry up altogether in time, as electrification becomes the norm.

EVs might cost more than their petrol or diesel counterparts today, but that gap is narrowing. New research by Deloitte suggests that price parity with internal combustion cars is likely by 2021. 'In the USA, the cost of petrol and diesel vehicle ownership will converge with electric over the next five years. Supported by existing government subsidies and technology advances, this tipping point could be reached as early as 2021. From this point, cost will no longer be a barrier to purchase, and owning an EV will become a realistic, viable option for new buyers.'

Performance for electric car is very important


Performance for electric car is very important

Most electric vehicles have a surprising amount of get-up-and-go, due to peak torque being available from a standing start. For the taxi it is good function, indeed it can accelerate impressively.

Road Test of electric car

Not only that, the ride was far smoother than the traditional black cab, with no tendency to the pitching and wallowing which can be a hallmark of some electric cars given the large mass of their batteries.

A key part of the efficiency of any electric vehicle is in making good use of brake energy recovery, and here the taxi offers two levels of regeneration, which are selected by flicking the stubby “gear lever” either left or right as desired.

Hard Brexiters are ill-informed about Britain's car industry



Hard Brexiters are ill-informed about Britain's car industry

Automakers with a territorial presence in Britain are concerned about the situation around Brexit. 
There are the following manufacturers
such as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Nissan, Honda and Toyota.

The hard-Brexit wing of the Conservative party wants to convince the UK public that the UK will be fine economically without a trade deal with the EU. In making their case, they have demonstrated they either have little idea how the modern car industry works or are prepared to sacrifice it altogether to achieve their aim. Here are five of the worst examples.

VW will rise car prices significantly accordance with CO2 emissions limits



VW will rise car prices significantly accordance with CO2 emissions limits

More high material costs accordance with CO2 emissions regulation will significantly increase the price of VW cars in the medium-period.

Cheaper cars will be most popular and we will see proportionately the biggest price rises.

"Volkswagen is using various ways to counteract rising costs," VW head of sales Christian Dahlheim said. "Nevertheless, but it will not be possible to completely offset the higher 
material costs."
Brexit has some influence on the situation. Switching to electric vehicles requires upgrading infrastructure.