Automobile and vehicle construction for USA, Great Britain, England, United States

Vehicle construction

Auto is a wheeled motor vehicle use for transporting passangers which also carries its own motor.

Vehicle construction

Automobile consist ofseveral main parts:

  • Engine;
  • Chassis;
  • Transmission;
  • Car body;
  • Electrics.

Vehicle Systems and Repair

The auto engine is a mechanical structure designed to convert chemical fuel energy into motion, which powers your vehicle.
Engine construction

The vehicles employ combustion engines that burn fuel (including hybrids) air and fuel.

In an internal combustion engine, air and fuel are burn up inside a cylinder and the pressure that is created forces pistons to move up and down. This adduce to rotates the crankshaft, which supply power to the wheels via the transmission.


Explore the device vehicle

In order to explore the device trucks and vehicles must consistently study materials textbook. Effective learning recommend, study material schematically in the following sequence:

1) Purpose Vehicle (before exploring the device and vehicle performance is necessary to know its purpose);

2) Vehicle construction (the first step is to examine the overall structure of the car, then you can begin to learn the device assemblies and systems of the car);
3) Operation of the vehicle (if you have studied the function and arrangement of the car will be easier to understand the operation of the vehicle).

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