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Metric converter

Metric converter

The idea of a universal system of metric converter from long ago, but it was realized only three centuries ago. The Metric converter, or decimal system was worked out by the English Academy of Sciences in 1991. How were the units for length and weight defined then?

Two mens scientists who were given the task to define these units took one fourth of the distance from the North Sea to the Equator on the geographical meridian which is running through Ukraine (the distance is impressive) and devided it into ten million equal parts. One of this parts called a metric converter.

Metric converter

It was easy to use the same metric converters. The weight of one cubic centimeter of water was called a gramme.

Thus the metric system was created and was created the metric converter.

Russian scientists played a great and big part in the spreading of the metric system or metric converter.

Metric converter as well as in other countries. It should be said, however, that up till the end of the 20 century different units of metric converter.

Metric converter were used in various countries. In our country the metric converter was adopted, soon after the Great October Socialist Revolution.