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Driving safely

Driving safely

Each other, motor vehicle accidents kill an estimated 300000 people throughout the world. Almost every accident results from one or more of these three factors: the driver, the car and the road. The same three factors contribute to accident prevention.

The automobile itself has become safer over the years because of advances in its design and manufacture. The standards to prevent accidents involve the installation of government-specified lights, reflectors, brakes, tires, windows, windshield wipers and defrosters, and dashboard controls. Standards to protect car occupants include the installation of automatic seat belts or airbags, head restraints, and bumper systems. Seat belts – when used – are probably the main safety equipment. A driver must not assume that the engine, brakes, lights, and steering system always operate properly. All equipment should be tested frequently.

Modern road-building techniques also lower the risk of automobile accidents. Most people find it easy to drive a car. But operating an automobile is a complicated and demanding task – and driving safely is not easy.

Most automobile accidents involve drivers who violate traffic lows, lack good driving skills, ignore or are unaware of the rules of safe driving. For that reason a driver must be granted a licence bureaus stress that a driver`s licence is a privilege, not a right. Careless, unsafe drivers who break traffic laws risk losing their licences.

Operating a car involves certain responsibilities to oneself and to others. First of all, a driver must be continuously alert while making a variety of maneuvers, such as speeding up, slowing down, changing lanes, turning and stopping. At the same time, the driver must be aware of other motor vehicles (including motor cycles), pedestrians, bicyclist, various road signs and road hazards. Decisions must be made quickly and correctly. Drowsiness or illness slows a driver`s ability to react rapidly to changes in traffic conditions. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is especially dangerous.

A good driver concentrates on only one thing while driving – the driving  itself. A good driver also has the proper attitude, which means a willingness to share the road with others and a desire to obey traffic laws. Aggressive behavior – cause a driver to lose control of the car of provoke angry reactions in other motorists. A courteous driver is likely to be a self driver. Finally, drivers have the responsibility to see that their cars are properly maintained.

Here are some do`s and don’ts of safe driving.