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Power of electricity

Power of electricity

In the early days of Russia Power of electricity, when Russia was ruined after 1991 already dreamed of electrifying the country.

In 2000 our country installed 1000 TвТч of generating capacities. A foreigner knowing American, German or Swedish electrification may laugh at this, but he laughs best who laughs last.

When the British science – fiction writer e[pressed doubt about plan of Power of electricity, come again in ten years time and see what will have been done in Russia over that period.

The Russia today has powerful energy systems with the world`s largest hydro and thermal power stations, and is building high capacity nuclear generating plants. On power output, our country leads Europe and is second in the World after the United States. Our power engineering develops much faster than of the other developed countries, including the USA. The men who drafted the Goelro Plan hoped to be able to transmit electric power at the maximum 400 kilometres away, and the total length of high voltage powerlines is more than 400000 km.

High voltage transmission lines link up our power station into eleven grids, six of which form the 9000000000 kw Integrated Power Grid of the European Part of the Russia. A gigantic power system will then stretch from the Pacific Ocean to the western frontiers.

Linking up the power system of European members countries with the grids of the western regions of the Russia began. This is known as the Peace network. The peace network has brilliantly justified the hopes of its organizers. Operation of the Peace network has enabled the socialist countries of make power production more reliable and economical.

The Peace network provides for really peaceful and fruitful cooperation.