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Powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy looks towards the future

Developments and advances in powder metallurgy, a technology created some 50 years ago, can save manufacturing industry great amounts of valuable materials.

Powder metallurgy is a cheap alternative to many conventional manufacturing processes.

When  components, simple or complex, require precision and high quality at a comparatively low cost – powder metallurgy can provide the solution of the problem. An important feature of powder metallurgy is that it can provide the industry with such material compositions which are not achievable by any other means.

Components produced by the powder metallurgy process can go straight into the manufacturing cycle or, if required, undergo further processing, including heat treatment.

Powder metallurgy is finding new applications in various industries – in electronics, aviation, machine building.

The unique physical properties of powder metallurgy parts enable oil to be retained in minute porous cavities within the part. This self-lubricating characteristic is long lasting and can eliminate other lubrication systems.

The Byelorussian research and production association for powder metallurgy has developed a number of processes for powder metallurgy components production. The source material there is metal powder which is subjected to high pressure to acquire a required shape and is then put to thermo-electric furnaces. The resultant parts are more durable and require no additional machining.

Future processes to be introduced by the association will produce self-lubricating bearings, metal and non-metal alloys and other materials with pre-set properties based on combinations of various powders. Metal powder with its unusual characteristic features and properties is listed in the category of new materials.